CASE STUDY: Helping Businesses Scale Their Growth

Graphic design by PixelPartners for MyPaperCups

Just over two years ago we started working with a promotional paper cups company in Australia called ‘MyPaperCups’.  They were growing quickly and had a growing amount of graphic design work that needs to be completed on a daily basis but wasn’t looking to hire someone full time.  Below is an interview we conducted with Russell Johansen, their Business Development Manager, to find out more about their challenges, how they overcame them and used our team at PixelPartners to scale the growth of their business.

Q.  How has business been in the last two years?

Russell:  Business has been good.  We’ve had to adapt and grow our team quickly over the last two years to accommodate the increasing number of jobs we’ve been completing.  Our business has increased by 100% each year for the last two years so it has been an exciting time.  The success we’ve had with MyPaperCups has now led us into a new promotions business marketing banner pens as well.

Q.  What are some of the challenges you’ve been facing in getting to where you are now?

Russell:  Speed of service is a big thing for us.  Most of our customers want their jobs completed ASAP but always seem to leave it to the last minute to getting it done so our ability to turn artwork around quickly and correctly the first time has been a big priority for our business.  We tried a number of design teams prior to PixelPartners and we just couldn’t get jobs turned around quickly enough or have the ability to scale what we were doing.  The other important element for us is getting marketing material for our own promotions turned around quickly and being able to work with the designers to get the output just the way we want it.

Q.  Have you sourced graphics teams elsewhere previously?

Russell:  We’ve used one-off graphics teams previously on projects — sourcing them through different online platforms — but it’s not something that we use any more unless what they do is very specialised.  With PixelPartners now working across our entire business, they know what we want and need each time and they bring us forward ideas on how we can improve our business — that’s really valuable for us.

Q.  Have you looked at sourcing your own graphic designer for your team?

Russell:  We have looked at that option but we’d be swapping one dedicated designer for an entire team of them which would mean if we have multiple jobs at the same time we’d end up taking longer to get the jobs done.  The other thing is that we also get all the jobs signed off by the head designers prior to them coming through to us to ensure that everything is double and triple checked before it gets to us — we wouldn’t get that with a dedicated designer.

Q.  What sort of businesses might benefit from using PixelPartners?

Russell:  If you have volumes of work that needs to be done on a regular basis and you need them done correctly every time — I’d be making contact with these guys.  That’s what we’ve been able to do and it’s helped us so much in being able to scale the business.

Some of PixelPartners’ works for MyPaperCups:

If you require any help in scaling the growth of design work being completed in your business — please just get in contact with us to discuss how we might be able to help out.

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