News: New PixelHeads™!

PixelPartners share the belief that creativity is not just a job but a way of life. We encourage aspiring graphic artists and photographers to employ and develop their skills. We are always looking for like-minded individuals who “work hard and play hard” who enjoy working in a fun and mind-stimulating working environment with other creatives.

At PixelPartners, every day is an opportunity to learn as you will be working alongside other seasoned professionals, utilizing imaginative minds and pushing creativity in every project.

With these in mind, we are glad to introduce to you our newest additions to the ever-growing, always learning, PixelHeads.

norman_photoNorman Avena is an electronics engineer by profession, but pursued his passion for photography after getting his first camera in 2008. He enjoys shooting magazine editorials, covers, events, as well as post-processing work and photo blogging.

Aside from photography, Norman is also an expert in photo editing. His tools of trade include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and other third-party applications. Norman is very much excited to become a Pixelhead™ and to work along with other young, dynamic graphic artists and photo professionals.

rey_photoReynaldo Chua is a graphic design enthusiast with a strong foundation in print design and prepress, especially in packaging and illustration. While he believes that creativity is a way of life, Reynaldo can come up with strong ideas by combining key concepts, dynamic fonts, stunning images, and expressive color. As a result, he can deliver very creative solutions with his design projects.

Reynaldo thinks that every day in PixelPartners is an exciting adventure. Furthermore, Reynaldo is determined to take on and overcome new challenges, and look forward to accomplish many projects.

Arshey Amurao has been into photography since 2008. Not wanting to limit her interests, her curiosity in photography brought about the exploration on photo editing and retouching. Through the years, she gained noteworthy skills not just in photography and photo editing, but also in using tools such as Adobe After Effect and Adobe Premier. Aside from pointing and shooting, her hobbies include watching films & sitcoms, and reading books and history.

arshey_photoEquipped with enthusiasm and the drive to learn more and hone her skills, she joins the team as the new Project Manager for Imaging. She will be assisting the imaging team with regards to client needs, as well as recheck finished output.

Arshey is very excited to join the team as she thinks it is very different from other companies that she’s exposed to. Although she highlighted her excitement with regards to Lunch & Learn (mainly the lunch!), and we couldn’t agree more with her. 😀

We’d like to ask you to welcome our newest team members who share in the passion for their work.

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