Terms & Conditions

PixelPartners is a Trade Only Design Service. Our products and services are available only to design professionals of print and web graphics. All membership levels require prior verification of trade status before your first order is processed.


a. Turnaround time estimates are based on business days (M/F) and client supplying all production ready assets needed for completion at the start of the project.

  • Please check with the team at PixelPartners if you required monthly invoicing.

b. $299 Monthly Credit applies to design services and can not be used on any approved expenses such as purchasing stock images.

  • We will evaluate each project and you will be contacted by a project manager with a production calendar and instructions for uploading assets.
  • We will transfer all copyrights to the final design at the end of the project and supply source files in  the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite unless you specify otherwise.
  • All PxP staff are bound by an NDA and can not contact your clients without prior written approval from our Member Partners.

Copyright Terms

  • Final Art: PixelPartners HQ and its employees agree to transfer all worldwide copyrights and full ownership of the final design selected by our client at the end of the project and upon receiving payment in full. Any fonts, stock images or other intellectual properties used in the production of the design are exceptions. A list of these used are available upon request.
  • PixelPartner agrees not to display final design commissioned on public portfolios, blogs or posts without prior approval from client.
  • Workups: The Copyright Transfer does not give you the rights or permission to use/modify/alter/replicate or borrow any of the previous ideas/concepts/sketches previously shown and presented.
  • PixelPartners is free to use these unused and previous ideas for future conceptual and client work. Where a previously unused idea/design retains a similar look and style to the finished design, we shall repurpose and style so that the end design is sufficiently different as to not cause conflict.
  • You are free to change, modify and adapt the finished design as you see fit, but you do so at your own risk.
  • Any form of legal Trademark Registering and Copyrighting of the design remains the sole responsibility of the client named in the statement.
  • Prices are based on client supplying all assets needed for completion of the project. All text should be supplied electronically so we can copy and paste otherwise there is an additional charge.

Note to Rude Clients

  • We are committed to serving our clients with both courtesy and professionalism. We ask that you treat our staff in the same manner.
  • We shall be constrained not to serve those clients who use abusive language, unprofessional behavior, or are discourteous to our staff.